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Web Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hopefully this will answer some of the more frequently asked questions regarding web related issues.
What is a Domain Name?
Your own domain name - example can be your personal name or business name, and can stay with you regardless of who you go online with.
We deal primarily with names, click here to see if yours is available. Fill in your preferred name into the 'whois' box and click 'Lookup'.

So who are Nominet?
Nominet maintain the register of .uk domain names, and run the technology which locates a computer on the Internet hosting the website or email system you're looking for when you type in a web address or send an email to an address that ends in .uk.

Do I get my name from Nominet?
You can do but it will probably be more expensive than getting it from a registrar.
If your chosen registrar or Tag Holder is also hosting your website normally  the DNS (Domain Name Servers) servers will be set/pointing to your host.
What is Web Hosting?
Your website, regardless of who builds it, must be uploaded to a computer which is constantly on and connected to the internet so that potential visitors can see your website when they type in your domain name. Click here for more info.
Our servers are in Data Centers, constantly monitored for reliability.

Who builds my site?
You can build it yourself if you have the software. All usernames and passwords should be supplied to you by your host as these will be required to upload your site.
We can build you a website and specialise in smaller sites for companies who want a web presence but don't have a large budget or requirement for a large sophisticated site. This site you are on now is classed as a 'simple' site.

Can I have some telephone advice and support?
If you have your domain and hosting with us or intend to, then yes. If you intend to use other hosting please check their websites for more information.
A small selection of Simple Sites we have built in the past. Click on thumbnail to go to site.
AB Industrial Roofing
GB Gate websire